Christmakkuh Cookies!

This is a picture-heavy post.  Also, it’s sugar-heavy.

A couple weeks ago, I had several people over to decorate some cookies.  We called it the Second Annual Christmakkuh Cookie Party.

I started out by making a metric ton of cookies – Gingerbread men, sugar cookie dradles,  stars and snowmen.

Making the Cookies!

Carly helped me with the baking and the icing.

That may or may not be nine pounds of icing...

We drank several bottles of wine and made mimosas.  Everyone brought a lot of fun sprinkles, like stars and candy canes.  Everyone took home a full tin of decorated sugar cookies!

Emily and Sam decorating cookies!

Jenny's bikini snow woman and Becca's pile of cookies!

Carly made a Beyonce cookie!

Carol, Jenny and their cookies!

 A fun time, I think. 🙂

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One Response to Christmakkuh Cookies!

  1. No really. 9 pounds of frosting. We are insane.

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