Cherry Blossom 10-mile Guaranteed Entry Giveaway! We have a winner!

This CUCB Guaranteed Entry giveaway was very popular! I’m sad that I only have one entry code to give away…

And the winner is:

CONGRATS TO ALLISON!  Allison says: “My favorite part of the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile is racing down DC streets instead of the DC sidewalks I normally run on!”

Allison, I’ll be reaching out to you this weekend with the entry code.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the giveaway! If you didn’t get in, consider volunteering this year for your very own guaranteed entry in 2013!

I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  Some of my favorites from the comments are:

  • Mary: “The best part of the race is seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms without having to fight tourists, all while running with your closest fellow Washingtonians!”  Very true! Running the Tidal Basin or along the mall requires some maneuvering around the tourists!
  • Regan B: “You see the sun coming up over the Potomac and, of course, the cherry blossoms. You also see many of the monuments and sites. All of these inspire a feeling of national pride and appreciation for the history of our country.”  I love seeing the monuments on my runs.  It really is inspirational!
  • Liz: “My favorite thing would be just being in DC again and enjoying all the sights I miss so much!”  I would miss DC too if I were to move away!
  • Valerie: “My favorite DC sites and the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The pretty cherry blossoms make the trek around Hain’s point enjoyable.” I love how pretty the blossoms are!

Great comments on how great race day can be, including other runners, motivational music, knowing the finish is *rightthere* and the ever-important cheering crowds:

  • Juls: “I also just love racing with people!”
  • Steve D: “My favorite part of race day is getting to run and spend time with my good friends without the distractions of real life getting in the way.”
  • Brittany M: “Favorite part of race day is being surrounded by thousands of other people with pounding feet moving towards a similar goal. So motivating!”
  • Laney, on races in NYC: “I used to love getting on the subway with all the other runners both before and after the race. It was camaraderie, especially when it was 4 degrees outside and 530AM.” The running community has some great camaraderie, no matter the city you’re in.  I’ve huddled with the masses in the DC metro for the MCM this year. (until the police officers told us we had to move.)
  • lhouff: “The best part about race day is the adrenaline rush I get around the 4th mile (when ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire comes on my ipod!)” Music can totally help you get into the groove! Love it.
  • Ash: “My fav part of race day is the adrenaline rush when you first spot the finish line :)
  • Stephanie: “My favorite part of race day, at least for big races, is the cheering crowds. That, and crossing the finish line!”  The crowds are so important for motivation, especially when you are starting to hurt or get tired!
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