About Suze

Hi.  I’m Susannah.  Some people call me Suzy.  Some call me Suze. Some think four letters is too long, so I get to be Q.  Take your pick.

I currently live in the Washington, DC, area, but I love to travel.  I spent a year living in England when I was in college, and spent a lot of that time traveling in Western Europe.  I love to visit other countries, take in the culture, history and architecture.  Sometimes I even traipse around in the jungles, trying to find weird looking birds and monkeys.  I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica (and let’s be fair, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none!).  I don’t get to travel much these days, but I do try.  In the past five years, I’ve spent time in Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.

I’m a runner.  I’ve only been running since the beginning of 2010, so I consider myself a newbie. I ran my first race in April 2010 and ran my first marathon in October 2011.  I’m not very fast, but I really enjoy running – especially when I get into a groove, get lost in my head and forget I’m running!

I also do a few other activities that could be considered cross training, such as flying trapeze, yoga and eating.  I love eating.  And painting – both of which aren’t exercise at all, really.


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