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I’m baa-aack!

I’m baaa-aack!  And not in the creepy, horror-movie kind of way.  Anyway, here’s the news: I got back on the treadmill tonight! Sure it was only two miles, but it was TWO WHOLE MILES.  I totally get brownie points.  😀 … Continue reading

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Three Things Thursday: Welcome to crazytown.

 I’m getting antsy.  Not the “Oh, I should really do something this evening antsy” – – but more like the “Ohmigawd, I really want to lace up the trainers right now but I can’t so I’ll surf the web” kind … Continue reading

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I’m meeting some awesome friends from college Miami this weekend to see the Kansas State vs. Miami Football game. I feel this is an appropriate sentiment for the weekend:

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Well How About That!

I certainly didn’t intend to PR my half marathon this weekend, but that’s what I did. I bested my time by a full 7 minutes and 5 seconds. Go me! And that was on a course that would never be described … Continue reading

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In which I make a bad decision and try to ruin my own marathon training.

Let’s be fair, here.  I’m not usually a risk taker.  Sure, I do a few activities that aren’t exactly… typical. And on Tuesday, I decided to try Extreme Trampoline at a place called Rebounderz in Sterling, Virginia.  Wall to wall … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Running in hot weather = ick

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I love… (*marathon training edition)

…that moment when a long run starts to feel really good and really easy. Not exactly the true ‘runner’s high’ where you can’t stop smiling and you feel like you just gorged yourself on the pharmaceutical happy trough, that comes too rarely for … Continue reading

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