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Remember when…

I’m likely going to date myself here, but nostalgia has smacked me right in the face today; sneaking up on me like a small child all innocent and then WHAMMO.  I was getting ready for work and flipped on the tv (which never … Continue reading

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Well, that was new.

So, yeah. We just had an earthquake. A nice little rumble that got the whole building lifting up and down and then it started swaying. At first I thought – “Who’s doing construction?!” but then, everyone started peaking their head … Continue reading

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I’m (not really) famous!

Way back in early July, I virtually attended a #runchat on Twitter.  What is #runchat you ask?  Well, dearest, #runchat is a twice-monthly, one-hour Twitter “conversation” between all kinds of awesome runners.  Per the #runchat “about” page ( #runchat is a twice a … Continue reading

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Things that make me laugh

I’m a fairly happy person – always making jokes and laughing with my friends.  Today, Carly sent me the most awesome link of one of our favorite people, Mr. Anderson Cooper, losing it on camera and giggling at the puns in the copy … Continue reading

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“Hopefully the wheels don’t fall off”

In a particularly odd moment of synchronicity or serendipity or something, I present the following portion of a conversation regarding training paces with my friend Carly (of CarlyBananas Fame): Me: You’re getting FAST, hun! Whats your goal pace for your … Continue reading

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People Suck.

A few weeks ago, I went down to my local favorite watering hole on a Saturday night.  I lucked out and found a spot right next to the bar. It took about 3 times for me to get my car … Continue reading

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Well if everyone else is…

Ok, so Carly and Suze both posted their race schedules for the rest of the year… I figured I would too!  Just call me Follower McGee. I’ve got a 5k, half marathon, and two full marathons in the next 6 … Continue reading

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