About Laura

Hi there! I’m Laura. I’m a graduate student in public health living in Alabama and love to travel, run, and birdwatch.  I suspect I’m not a standard 20-something.

Most importantly, I can’t stay still. I blame this on my childhood: I was born in Thailand, lived in Australia, Houston, Texas and Oklahoma as a kid. I went off to Kansas for college, Rhode Island for my Master of Public Health, and now I’m in Alabama (for the DrPH). I’m pretty sure I’ll be living in the greater-DC area once I graduate. Plus, I absolutely love traveling – if I spend more than 8 weeks at a time at home, I feel really strange.

On the international travel front, my family loves visiting different countries to check out cool history and architecture/art (mom & sister’s favs) or adventure in the jungles and other habitats to birdwatch (mine & dad’s favs). I’ve been to every continent except Europe and Antarctica in my lifetime and have been to India, Jamaica, Peru and Kenya (and the U.S.) in the 13 month period between July 2009 and July 2010. I love traveling.

I’m a really big nerd. My dissertation involves using satellite images to predict outbreaks of infectious disease in Peru, so I’ve become a GIS and remote sensing geek over the past few years. (Study bonus: I get to travel to Peru for work! ). I read scientific/medical research studies for fun, so if you want me to research some health-related topic for you I’ll jump at the chance. Furthermore, I’m a member of SABR, and if you know what that stands for, you’ll know just how extremely geeky I am.

As for the world of running, I’ve only considered myself a runner since the beginning of 2010. I was a college athlete (crew) and due to some negative coaching, overwork, and a knee injury, I didn’t work out for around 5 years.  Then I decided enough was enough.  I made a personal goal of running a marathon by the time I turned 30, which I accomplished over a year early (and have plans to run a few more before my deadline).  Who knew I’d get so addicted to road racing and running?


5 Responses to About Laura

  1. You live in AL? How is it that we have never met up!

  2. GIS Nerd says:


    it’s your image classification workshop buddy stalking you! in addition to high IQ & nervous talkativeness, you’re quite the athlete …so many talents!

    email me and keep in touch during your many travels, career opportunities & adventures.

    Parker Hilton

    • laura says:

      Nervous… Excited…. same thing!

      And who doesn’t love stalkers?

      • GIS Nerd says:

        Excitement definitely begets Nervousness, for sure!

        i’m assuming you can see the email address one must leave to post a comment; i’ll keep checking my email for you. stay in touch.

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