Well, that was new.

So, yeah. We just had an earthquake. A nice little rumble that got the whole building lifting up and down and then it started swaying. At first I thought – “Who’s doing construction?!” but then, everyone started peaking their head around office doors asking – “Was that an earthquake or are we under attack?”

Thank goodness it was just an earthquake. I never thought I’d say something like that. But, if the choices are terrorist attack or earthquake, I’m going with the earthquake all the way baby.

We had to evacuate the building after a little bit – I guess we were waiting for aftershocks.  No one outside really knew what was going on, so everyone was on their phones – checking news sites, trying to call out, text messaging… I’m super glad that data messaging is an active technology because the cell towers couldn’t handle the influx of calls.  No one was getting through on their cells.

As far as I know, there is minimal damage and few injuries – which is good news. I’ll have to catch the news tonight to see what else is going on.  You can read up on our little earthquake here: NYT

I’ll leave you with some facebook posts/tweets from my friends about the quake:

Craig:  The damage was catastrophic.  A trash can in my office fell over.  I need a drink so I can cope.  Happy hour?
Taylor: Mother Nature is being a Scallywag.
Justin: Dulles Airport was not the best place to experience my first earthquake.
Amy: pretty sure this earthquake was NoVa’s attempt at separating from the rest of the state…
David: wife and I are fine, don’t know about the dog – but he shakes normally, so I expect he’s fine.
Emily: that was more exciting than the conference call I would have otherwise been on.
Will: Hide yo’ wife! Hide yo’ kids! We QUAKIN everyobody up in here!
Paul: Tsunami warning issued for the reflecting pool!! Evacuate the mall now, people!

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