Well now I really have to finish – Houston Marathon Goodies

I’m not sure how I missed it (I blame Thanksgiving & Christmas) but there are going to be some awesome goodies for the Houston Marathon.

The medal is ridiculously cool. It might be just as cool as my Marine Corps Marathon medal. Either way, on it’s own it’s incentive enough for me to finish.

Oooh shiny!

If that wasn’t enough, the Houston Marathon Committee seems to have had the same idea as the guys and gals as Coke Zero’s advertising team:

So Houston Marathon finishers get a fancy medal,

AND they we get a finisher shirt,

AND they we get a finisher mug!

I plan on filling mine with beer. Repetitively.

Is it just me, or do the prizes for finishing a marathon make it just that more fun?

Is it January 15th yet!? I’m revved up to run!

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4 Responses to Well now I really have to finish – Houston Marathon Goodies

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh… I like the mug better than the medals!

  2. Laura G says:

    I stumbled on your blog and was just wondering how the peroneal tendonitis is doing. I had mine start 2 weeks ago after my 20 mile run in training for the Houston Marathon. I’ve not run for these 2 weeks (it’ll be 3 weeks total by the marathon), but I’m really nervous about finishing and/or doing some damage if I try to power through. I hope yours is better. Good luck on Sunday!!!! Thanks!

    • laura says:

      My peroneal tendonitis is pretty much gone now. I still get a little twinge when I’m tired and running up a hill – but that might be just paranoia. My saviors during the 4 weeks between my tendonitis (Oct 2) and my last marathon (Oct 30) were rest, ibuprofen, foam rolling/tiger tail rolling out my calf muscles/stretching my calf muscles (bc the peroneal tendons are just the cartilage ends of the calf muscles), and ankle braces (check out my reviews of a bunch of braces http://wp.me/pqvwX-nk ).

      Did you ask your doc about if you could do damage by powering through? If you can’t get there in time, just remember that there is absolutely no shame in getting a DNF if you are injured.

      Good luck to you too!!!

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