2012 in 2012 Update – Motivation & So far, so good.

Ok, yes. It’s only January 2. But so far, my 2012k in 2012 goal is off to a running start (pun intended).

On Sunday, January 1, I woke up in kind of a bad mood. I really dislike New Year’s, as well as my birthday, for the same reason: they both serve as unavoidable markers for a year passed, and I’m never satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in the previous 12 months. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing, since if you’re completely satisfied with your life, you won’t move forward. (And this year I’m going to move forward.)

I would run the Houston Marathon exactly 2 weeks later and I’d set myself a new year’s resolution to run 2012 km (1,250 mi) in 2012, so I hit my regular running path.

I ran long and I ran slowly, past all of the new runners and “resolution runners” – you know the ones, you see them on Jan 1 but they’ve all disappeared by Feb 1? I heard all of my inspirational songs that I listen to when I’m on long runs and need motivation once my brain starts to win the argument against my muscles. In an act of sheer serendipity, I heard the song Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine three times in a row. It’s only on my playlist once, and I didn’t have my iPod set on repeat. The line that finally made me smile? “And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.”


So on the morning(ish) of January 1, I got out of bed at around 11am in a rotten, pessimistic mood, dreading the new year. 12 miles later I was happy and in an optimistic mood.

That’s the great thing about running.

Stats as of January 2, 2012:

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