Three Things Thursday: The best and worst week ever

I know the blog’s been a little quiet in the last week.  Laura and I traveled to Texas to see the folks for Thanksgiving.  It was the best and worst week ever – and here’s why:

  1. Best: I am thankful for my so very many things.  Including my family.  They’re pretty awesome. (They also take care of me when I’m sick – see #2.) This was the first time since 2007 that I’ve been to my parents’ house for the Thanksgiving holiday – they’ve been working in Peru for the past three years.  I really miss getting to just hang out with my parents and my sister.  We also had the added bonus of my Grandma being able to come down for Thanksgiving! We did a lot of just hanging out this Thanksgiving – sitting around, joking, putting up my mom’s three Christmas trees.  Yep, three.  Tree number one is the all white ornaments tree.  Tree number two holds the family ornaments from around the world and across the years. And tree number three is usually a Gator Tree (since my mom went to Florida).  But this year, since Florida’s not doing so well, and my dad just got back from an epic antarctic circle boat tour to birdwatch, we put up a bird tree.  All the ornaments were some type of bird.

    Dad did not think the "gator bait" belonged on the bird tree.


  2. Worst: I got sick over Thanksgiving.  And not just any sick – I had a reoccurrence of my esophageal ulcer.  It is as bad as it sounds.  But, I was thankful to have my family there to take care of me. So, I went to the doctor and got some meds and lidocaine so I could eat.  I was still unable to really eat anything on Wednesday, and finally found on Thursday that mashed potatoes were the softest thing I could get down.  I’ve been eating mashed potatoes for a whole freaking week.  I’m getting to the point where I’m beyond tired of my new diet.  Although, my friend Emily made me laugh when she called me a Tubertarian – like vegetarian, but I only eat tubers! (HA! I have such smart friends.)  I’m starting to get better, and finally had noodles last night for dinner (they were NOT POTATOES!).  But, it’s been a bit of an ordeal.So that means that, no, I didn’t run my turkey trot on Thanksgiving and I’m trying to downgrade my 15k this weekend to the 5k.  Right now, 3 miles seems much more manageable than 9.  After this summer’s marathon training, that just sounds backward.
  3. Best: It’s finally December! It’s nearly Christmas!! So, it’s likely that I’ve been playing Christmas music since mid-November. It’s also quite likely that I’ve been annoying everyone with my “Christmas spirit”.  Oh, well. I love Christmas.  In a few days, I have my second annual cookie party.  I’m going to bake a ton of cookies for us to decorate. I’m so excited!  Also, my sister helped me put up my tree right before Thanksgiving, so as soon as I got home from the airport on Sunday, I turned on the lights. SO PRETTY!

    A tribute to Beyonce holds a place of honor on my tree.

    And a bonus #4!

  4. Everyone needs a little Hugh Grant in their lives.  Because I made you think about an esophagus.  I’m sorry.
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One Response to Three Things Thursday: The best and worst week ever

  1. I’m really glad you were able to eat noodles. And mac and cheese.
    Also just think – this weekend – gingerbread Beyonces. It will be legendary.

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