An early morning run, upcoming races, and my 2011 goal.

You may have noticed that since completing my very first marathon  on October 30, the blog has been a little quiet.  That’s what happens when work and life get crazy!

Since the MCM, I’ve moved apartments.  I now live soveryclose to Carly that we’ve started running in the early mornings before work.  I say “started” because we’ve gone out twice now and have one more scheduled this week.  But then she runs off to Mexico for a week!

6am is awfully early for me to go for a run, but I’m trying a new thing where I don’t wear a watch on these runs.  I hear it’s called “going naked” (tee-hee).  And apparently, for me and the shorter distances, that’s a GOOD thing.  Today’s run was quick and, as Carly said, “we negative split the crap out of that run”!!

Upcoming Races & My 2011 Goal

  1. Laura and I have a fun Turkey Trot coming up over Thanksgiving: The TXU Sheltering Arms 5k/10k.  I’m looking to PR the 5k since it’ll be in Houston and the course looks pretty flat. (& all left turns!)
  2. December 3 is the Hot Chocolate 15k.  It’s a new distance for me, so automatic PR!  And the race is sponsored by Ghiradelli Chocolate! (That sounds like a good time, right there!)
  3. As of today, I have run a total of 433 miles!  My goal is to make it to 500 before the year is out.  I think that is TOTALLY doable.

    This makes me happy!

 How are you getting along with your 2011 goal(s)?

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2 Responses to An early morning run, upcoming races, and my 2011 goal.

  1. Brigid says:

    Who doesn’t love as automatic PRs?! So glad you’re doing the Hot Choc 15K. It’s a fun distance. And fun chocolate 🙂 yum!

    • Suzy says:

      Automatic PRs are the best. There’s not a whole lot of pressure to get a specific down-to-the-second time. 🙂 And also, any race sponsored by CHOCOLATE is a bonus in my book!

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