Game. On.

I’ve been counting down to the 36th Marine Corps Marathon for weeks now.

I’ve been a little obsessive, actually.

 Now, we’re down to the final 24 hours.  (Eeeep!!)

Yesterday, L and I went to the MCM Expo at the DC Armory.  Holy schnikes, people!  This place was a zoo!  We stopped at the USAA booth to sign a banner of encouragements for all the runners.

High Five Team Two!

We also stocked up on Nuun, Clif Shot Gels, and Laura got an iFitness hydration belt.  Then we posed for pictures in front of the signs!

Look at how cute we are! This is us prepping for the snow, which showed up about 10 minutes ago...

We asked some nice woman to take a pic of us together.  I nearly fell of the curb here! Posing for photos can be dangerous!

Look out! Watch your step!

The expo really made me excited to run the race tomorrow.  I’m still nervous, but I’m actually starting to look forward to getting up at 4am…  oh, no. 4am! aaaahhH! 😉

Game on.

Do expos get you pumped for the big race??

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