An open letter to candy corn:

Dear Candy Corn,

You come around only once a year, and I always forget how oddly magical you are. You are the only candy treat that has a ‘wall’, where you eat some and they are delicious and then the immediate next piece is absolutely disgusting. You magically limit the quantity of saporous sugars that go directly to my thighs and/or my sugar high/crash.

But your magical abilities do not stop there. You provide a wonderfully carby snack. There are 38 grams of carbohydrates in a mere 20 pieces of you, Candy Corn. How spectacular! One big heavenly handful helps me get to my carbohydrate goals before a long run. You make carbo-loading easy!

As an added bonus to your detectable goodness,  you even have perfect timing! You and your carbohydrates show up at a perfect time of year – marathon season!

I love you, candy cornFurthermore, you are orange. And there simply are not enough orange foods.

You are an all-around wonderful treat for me, dear Candy Corn.

Now I shall eat you.

Laura and her muscles.

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5 Responses to An open letter to candy corn:

  1. So I’m looking for a new blog name that can combine my running + travel and I tried to see if the domain “Running Around The World” was available. And it was taken! By you guys! A blog that looks similar to mine (though I admit I haven’t explored yet — even our page themes look similar!).

    I ran MCM last year and loved it! You guys will love it as well! Good luck, and stop by to read on my travels if you feel so inclined! (And now I’m off to look for another blog name to pick… Feel free to give me suggestions — I’m even offering Filipino goodies for the winning name!)

    • Suzy says:

      Hi Carla! We actually had to request the name from someone else who had it over at wordpress so we could get the domain to line up! He wasn’t using it anymore, so he let us have it.

      Did the MCM make you want to run more marathons? Where all have you run? I hope to do a Eurpoean race in the next few years. Thoughts on blog names… how about something like or i am not sure – my sister, L, is more creative!

      xoxo Suzy

      • The MCM was my second marathon, and beat the heck out of the first (which was Chicago, 3 weeks before!) and yes, it has made me run more marathons!

        I haven’t run one since then, moving to the Philippines killed my long runs! But if I do one here in Asia, I was thinking of the Singapore marathon. We’ll see if I get back to long distance while I’m still here…

  2. Brigid says:

    I like that some CC is made with honey. Seems even better. I always have to balance out the sweet with an equal mix of salty peanuts.

    • laura says:

      I’m with ya on the honey thing. I’m not a big sweets fan (I think I’m the only girl I know who really doesn’t like chocolate) so the honey makes it sweet, but not too super-sugary sweet.

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