And now, a machine will predict the future…

After reading one of The Bloggess’ posts about a website that predicts your next Tweets based on your previous tweets, I decided that this needed to be done for both Suze and I.

May I present, Yes That Can Be My Next Tweet:

For Laura:

  • Silly string, spray paint, socks, bday card and then winner gets a heartbeat!
  • Agreed! I apologize! Did you bring dudes for everyone?
  • I will always seem like me.
  • Well… that’s at 9am. Only 9 more ladies!
  • Big news after sushi: Wearing my DVR remote doesn’t work…
  • Finally feeling better then orders 12… Very satisfying, indeed.
  • I accidentally used the outside.
  • Push Athletes to Iceland. Thanks, cc:@SuzyLou_Who!
  • GOD I will be weaponized.
  • It’s official – I want back on definitions.
  • I have to become Anna Kournikova.
  • Library of America screws over cupcake teams.
  • We have just thrown down on living forever.
  • Dude on me! Why you here! or hey, screw you!
  • I thought we should be constantly doodling.
  • Muah ha ha! my Klout score is a ~100lbs overweight woman wearing purple.
  • Push It by having actual cupcakes. Wow.

For Suze:

  • I’m just hanging onto the logistical nightmare of a reality.
  • i’ll try the mature cereal i cannot confirm nor deny.
  • It was not life-related.
  • At the Washington Monument. no excessive movement. you’ll need more cats.
  • Something awesomeness and NYGiants.
  • Baseball related items can kill you.
  • I know. But, where can kill you. that said, i got away from Europe.
  • Your personal experience is safe but smugface mcgee deserves it.
  • I always do really well! And seeing as it’s an old fashioned throwdown tomorrow!
  • Yes, that said, i am in interest today.
  • Omg, that’s great! jealous? Nah, you’re clearly in an actual boyfriend.
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