Well… that’s Almost English…

Suze and I can sometimes be a bit pedantic, especially when it comes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

you-love-it-admit-itWe try to be a little more forgiving when people using the incorrect your/you’re or their/there/they’re in an email or a text message, especially since I’ve done it a few times myself.


The way I see it, we should know which of these to use. Everyone learned these words in elementary school, for heaven’s sake. However, with our hurried typing and texting I’m willing to accept that at least half of the time these are simple typos (or maybe a phone’s misguided autocorrect).

What gets me all riled up is when people make these kinds of mistakes in situations where they should be caught. For example, this sign outside of the building next to my office:

Ever heard of "Spell Check"?

Your aboslutly a geneus.

Or the epidemic of unnecessary quotation marks:


Are they trying to be dirty?

So, in order to keep our sanity (and feel ever so slightly superior), We’re going to start posting these types of things in a new category called “Almost English”. We were originally going to call it “Today’s Idiot”, but figured that was a little too harsh. It also may be incorrect. Who’s to say they weren’t going for the double meaning in this comic strip:

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6 Responses to Well… that’s Almost English…

  1. Erin says:

    Ha! I love this upcoming series — nothing bothers me more than blatantly wrong grammar. There are some good bloggers out there, too, who put me off because their spelling and grammar is atrocious!

  2. mandala56 says:

    and When Your Wrong, Your Wrong (courtesy of The Blogess).

  3. sarah says:

    I am the worlds worst speller! And not good a grammar.

    I love that you guys are sisters and are running your first marathon together!!! That’s so exciting 🙂

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Sarah! We’re pretty excited to be doing the first one together. Tough to organize, since L lives in Alabama and I’m here in DC. 🙂

  4. julie vernon says:

    Ha! My stupid android switched my you’re to your! How ironic.

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