I’m baa-aack!

I’m baaa-aack!  And not in the creepy, horror-movie kind of way.  Anyway, here’s the news: I got back on the treadmill tonight! Sure it was only two miles, but it was TWO WHOLE MILES.  I totally get brownie points.  😀

After my injury, I was a little scared to see how the knee would react.  The first few steps were shaky.  The knee was a little stiff and “creaky”.  That may or may not be a technical term. There was some pain for about half mile, particularly when I was heel-striking.  I think it was the angle of the impact that forced a kind of hyper extension of the knee.  (I do not recommend.)

Once I found my mid-foot stride, the sharper pain points disappeared.  There was some dull achiness throughout the run, but I got into a quiet groove and slowly finished the run.

I iced the knee for the 10 minutes after the run to reduce any swelling caused by the exertion.  I hope tomorrow it’s not too sore.  I only have 35 days until the Marine Corps Marathon.

Two miles down, and a LOT to go.

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