Three Things Thursday: Welcome to crazytown.

 I’m getting antsy.  Not the “Oh, I should really do something this evening antsy” – – but more like the “Ohmigawd, I really want to lace up the trainers right now but I can’t so I’ll surf the web” kind of antsy.  Which is where I’ve been for the last week or so.  In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve (minorly/stupidly) injured my knee.  I’m on doctor’s orders to rest for 10 days, then I can get on the stationary bike.  That’s tomorrow.

Since I’ve been given my resting orders, I’m not very tired at 10pm when I climb in to bed.  In fact, I’m kind of wound up – all the fidgeting I do during the day does not compare to a solid four miles.  So, instead of sleeping at 10pm, I surf the web.  And let’s just say there is some CRAZY stuff on the internets.

Today, I present to you my three favorite, random things I found on the internet this week of “rest”.

NUMBER ONE: So, yeah.  This exists.

A chocolate covered corn dog. With sprinkes!!

Corn dogs. Covered in chocolate. I still don't get it.

NUMBER TWO: Something Punny.

Self-explanatory, really.

NUMBER THREE: A video that made me laugh.  And the song gets stuck in your head.  And … a baby monkey.


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