Well How About That!

I certainly didn’t intend to PR my half marathon this weekend, but that’s what I did.

I bested my time by a full 7 minutes and 5 seconds. Go me! And that was on a course that would never be described as “flat” at any point.

Wait – there seems to be a small flat space around mile 6 and mile 10.5. I sure don’t remember that, I just remember the miserable constant incline from mile 11 to the finish line…

The crazy incline starting at mile 11-ish, combined with my realization that I was going to get a PR no matter what (and the fact that I was using this half marathon as a way to test myself for the full Marine Corps Marathon in 6 weeks), I didn’t push myself as hard as I could have over the last two miles.

Considering the hills on this course, I’m really proud/shocked at how well I could just chug along at an even pace for the duration of the course — This is a totally new phenomenon for me. Usually I take walking breaks every mile or every other mile. Judging by my Speed vs Cadence map, I really only took 6 or 7 short walking breaks through mile 11. And if I recall correctly, all of them besides the short break at mile ~9 were so I could drink water or inhale some Gu – and I do mean inhale – I really need to figure out how to eat those things when breathing hard. I’m pretty sure Gu is less effective when it’s in your lungs.

The course was particularly lovely, despite the hills. Davidson, North Carolina is a really pretty area, especially on a cool, overcast morning. And there’s no better way to check out a new town by going for a long jog through it! I definitely recommend this race to anyone who likes reasonable hills.

In related news: does anyone have a good trick to getting over DOMS? I really want to go for a run to shake out my tight hamstrings and calves, but my quads definitely have that whole rebuilding/sharp pain thing going on.

(The race was a full 13.1 miles, I just screwed up hitting the start button at the beginning of the race.  And sorry about all the graphs. I’m particularly addicted to data. I’m a scientist, what do you expect?)


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One Response to Well How About That!

  1. You did such an awesome job, Laura!

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