In which I make a bad decision and try to ruin my own marathon training.

Let’s be fair, here.  I’m not usually a risk taker.  Sure, I do a few activities that aren’t exactly… typical.

Trapeze at TSNY

Trapeze at TSNY-DC



And on Tuesday, I decided to try Extreme Trampoline at a place called Rebounderz in Sterling, Virginia.  Wall to wall trampolines.  Foam pits.  Flips and turns and bouncy bouncy!

Which, in itself, is not a bad idea.  Lots and lots of fun, with my very fun trapeze people!



And I even got a few flips in myself!

Then I got brave.  (read = stupid)

I attempted a backflip.  Bad decision.  BAAAAD decision.  Please note the lime green padding.  Please note that it covers the metal/wood that holds the trampoline springs.  Please note it is NOT VERY PADDED.  BAD DECISION!

Because I bashed the ever-living [expletive] out of my right knee.  In the interest of full (and graphic) disclosure, I bashed it so hard that I nearly vomited.  Right there on the trampoline.  That’s some serious pain, right there.

My knee swelled up pretty fast.  I had to fill out an accident liability form (once I could see straight).  I couldn’t tell if I wanted to cry because it hurt, or if I wanted to cry because it might mess up all my hard work training for the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon.

Today, I visited the orthopedist.  I’d held it together for 2 days, trying not to get all “OMG! I totally broke myself! I’ll never run again!” I’d been hobbling around, icing the knee until it was bright pink and taking ibuprofen like crazy.  I’m not going to lie: it hurt.  It still hurts.

When the doctor came in, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “The trampoline?  You hit your knee on the trampoline?”

“Yeah, it turns out I’m not 16 anymore.”  I got him to laugh, so there’s that.

After some prodding and bending and “hmms”, the doctor pronounced me not entirely broken.  And really surprised that I was not entirely broken.  He expected some sort of serious injury (other than epic bone bruise) due to the swelling and nature of the trauma experienced.  Like a cracked kneecap.  Or a torn something something ligament.  (Can you tell I’m medically inclined?)

I may have cried a little bit when he said I would be okay.  They might have been tears of relief.  I may have made the doc a little uncomfortable, but he handled it like a pro.  Got me some tissues and everything.

As it stands, I’m REALLY lucky – as it stands, I can still stand!  Diagnosis: Epic bone bruise.  Extreme swelling.  But, that’s it.  Prognosis?  I’ll live.  And I’ll live to run another day.  In fact, it’s likely that I’ll be running in 10-14 days (albeit not the 20 miler I had planned).  But, my first step after my week or so of healing is the stationary bike.

I’m just counting my blessings and thanking God for listening  – it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Moral of the story?  Don’t make bad decisions in the middle of marathon training!  (I’d say Don’t make bad decisions, but let’s be serious.)

Have you ever done something you KNEW you shouldn’t when in training?

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2 Responses to In which I make a bad decision and try to ruin my own marathon training.

  1. I am so glad that it’s only a bone bruise and so glad that you got to see the doctor yesterday. You’re going to be back to running before you know it! 🙂

  2. Suzy says:

    Thanks, friend! I’m sorry I was so whiney about it over the past few days. It really freaked me out for a couple days, but I’m feeling pretty good about the diagnosis now… i just need some time to heal! 🙂

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