I Rocked and/or Rolled that Race!

There’s something satisfying about checking off something on a list.  Even more satisfying is checking off the first of five fall races – Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.  A small step on my way to my very first ever marathon.

Big ups to my running buddy, Carly, for pushing through a tough race and finishing strong!

Carly and I headed down to Virginia Beach early, early on Saturday morning which, in retrospect, was a great idea because we practically FLEW the whole way – no traffic!  And, Carly and I enjoyed a great game of License Plate Bingo.  We ended up seeing 36 out of 50 states! Plus: DC, Ontario and Quebec. We are awesome license plate bingo players!

Tweet tweet!

Carly and I toured the expo, getting our bibs and seeing what goodies we could score.  I got some great SweatyBands, including one with gators on it (tip of the hat to Mom and UF!).  I got kind of amped at the expo because of all the runners and the energy in the room.  We even took a fun “rock out” picture with wigs and props (which I’ll put up here when I find it).

Oh, I *am* ready to rock!

Race day came early.  Really early.  So tired.  Carly and I found our corral and stood on tiptoe to try to find the 2:30 pacer – who we were told was going to speedwalk the race.  AND BOY DID HE! Holy moly, people.  This guy was insane.  Imagine a 50 year old hippie in a camel back and a fishing hat, speedwalking as if his life depended on it.  Ridiculous.  Also, let’s be clear here, he was FAST.  Faster than 11:27 pace.

We kept up with him for the first 3 miles, but lost him by the 5k mark.  The fast little bugger. But, we found the camera!

Raise your hands if you're sweaty!

Carly started slowing just before the 10k mark, and insisted that I “Go! Kill it!” I felt bad leaving her, but she was overheating and felt queasy and said she didn’t want to hold me up.  I appreciate her letting me go.  I fueled at 6 miles and again at 10 miles – I think the 6 mile mark was too late.  I’ll adjust for future races.

The last mile was tough because once I turned the corner to run the boardwalk I could see the finish line, but it was so much farther than it seemed.  But, I did it… I finished! And I got:

A NEW PR!! 2:43:29!!!


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4 Responses to I Rocked and/or Rolled that Race!

  1. I am sooooo proud of us – but I’m even more proud of you! You looked so confident and strong out there. You’re going to kill the Marine Corps Marathon!
    Thanks for knowing me well enough to know when to leave me on the course haha. I appreciate you making it sound like it was something selfless and not me having a total freak out and yelling at you to leave me in a total drama queen fashion.
    Also your description of the pacer was so perfect. Seriously. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Carly! I’m proud of you too!! We are the awesomest! (and it’s mostly to do with the running, but there’s also license plates and “horsies”.)

      Dude – that pacer was ridiculous. He makes me giggle when I think about how he looked. And he was so serious about it too – the several minute cushion and the butt sticking out… omg.

      I’m starting to get excited about the mcm… but still nervous. but more confident! 🙂

  2. AWESOME JOB!!!! I bet that feeling feels so phenomenal. You should feel so proud. 🙂

    And that crazy hippie pace sounds too funny. LOL

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