Hello, September: 5 Reasons I Love the Fall

Labor Day is upon us.  The wonderous three-day weekend that brings with it the end of summer.  And while I do love summer, fall is my favorite time of year.  Fall in Washington, DC brings:

  1. Cool, brisk weather.  I love scarves.  And the smell of fall.
  2. Beautiful trees.  Seriously, if you’re in DC drive down the GW Parkway from 495 toward Rosslyn in mid-October.  You will not be disappointed.

    Gorgeous. Courtesy http://www.dcpages.com

  3. Football season! I’m a fan of college football, and during the fall I have a very bad habit of waking up on Saturdays and immediately turning on College Gameday.  Lee Corso might be a bit over the top and annoying (he always has been) but Kirk Herbstreit is fun to listen to (and to look at!).
  4. Yellow school buses and “bouquets of newly sharpened pencils”.  I may not in school anymore, but something about the start of a new school year is more of a “new beginning” for me than New Year’s Eve.  In my 1-12 days, I loved going to the store to get all my school supplies… binders, notebooks, pens, colored pencils, blue highlighters – now all I have is boring yellow.
  5. FALL RUNNING SEASON!  Last year was my first fall running season, and I clocked a ton of miles last year in races.  This year, I’m scheduled for nearly 65 miles in five races.  That’s intimidating in raw number format… but not so much when you look at them individually!

Fall Races are FUN!

Why do you love fall?

Update on August Goals:

  1. Run a lot.  Well, I ran a lot – just not 95 miles a lot.  Part of that was the inability to run in 110 degree Texas heat while on vacation for my friend’s wedding, and part of that was just timing. I will do better for September.
  2. Do not freak out about the MCM.  I don’t think I did too much.  Until the 60 day mark came by on Monday, and I had to tweet about it.
  3. Run while on vacation in Dallas.  Again – 110 degrees.  But I did find the hotel gym (with broken treadmill!) and get a few miles in on the stationary bike.  Yay for crosstraining!
  4. Crosstraining and a personal trainer.  I love my new personal trainer, Sheena.  I’ve got a once-a-week scheduled with her, and I’m learning a lot about weights and core strength and how to be fit.
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