People Suck.

A few weeks ago, I went down to my local favorite watering hole on a Saturday night.  I lucked out and found a spot right next to the bar. It took about 3 times for me to get my car appropriately parallel parked, which used to be an anomaly for me, but living in Alabama now I almost never have to parallel prak. Further evidence to prove the “use it or lose it” theorem.

Around 1:30am, I found I’d had a few too many to drive home and was about to call my friend to say I was coming over to crash on her couch, when the bartender (a good friend of mine) rushed over and said “Laura, you drive a silver Passat, don’t you?”

I rushed outside to find that some jackass had smashed into my car, turning it almost perpendicular to the curb. The guy that called 9-1-1, a wonderful guy named Adam, told me that the guy got out of his car, looked at the damage, got back in and drove away. General consensus now is that he was drunk (duh) but this would have been his second DUI/DWI, which is why he ran. (They still haven’t caught the guy.)

From the police report.

So it turns out the guy totaled the car. Pretty, impressive, right?  Doing >$6,500 worth of damage to a parked car? What a douchewad.

car damage 1

This is the side of the car he hit. Notice the direction the wheel is facing here compared to the second photo.

car damage 2

The damage on this side was from it flattening a parking meter. Notice the direction of the wheel here.

Anyway. So, now I get to go car shopping, which to some might be fun and thrilling, but to me is overwhelming and awful. I wanted my car to last another 2-3 years, getting me through the completion of my doctoral degree and into a job for 1-2 years.  The overwhelming part is (a) there is no way I’m going to find a reasonably good car without borrowing a few grand from my parents, (b) I have to find a new (used) car by the end of the month when my car insurance company stops paying for my rental car; and (c) I might have to shop for a car alone. My mom or dad might be able to come in to town to help me shop, and I have a good friend who knows his cars (and has literally rebuilt more than a few of cars) to help me make sure I’m not going to get screwed over by a salesman, but otherwise it’s all me.

In related news: any one have any opinions on the Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, or Ford Fusion? Those are the three I’m considering right now, but I’ll take other suggestions!

Doctoral dissertations I can handle. Half-marathons and marathons? Sure, bring it on. So why is it that this whole ‘buying a new car’ thing is so overwhelming?

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One Response to People Suck.

  1. lizard151 says:

    Just found your blog from Carly’s, and I have to tell you the same thing happened to me! But I lucked out in that the asshole hit my trunk (and the passenger’s side when he hopped the curb–mind-boggling) so I paid the salvage fee and then drove my car without trunk access for another 6 years. I finally just upgraded to a used Ford Fusion though, and I love it. Good luck!

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