August Goals. Plus some upcoming races.

So my best running buddy Carly (over at CarlyBananas) summed up the remainder of her racing year to include 5 races in the next 4 months.  And, let’s be fair here, Carly and I do A LOT of races together.  So, it would also be fair to say that I have the same 5 races in the next 4 months.  Which – terrifying.

Of course I had a comment!

Since Carly’s given more information on each race (see her post here), I’m going to outline my goals for August.  And stick to them.  I swear.

Run.  A lot.  Like 95 miles a lot.
I did 65 miles in June and 75 miles in July.  I figure 95 miles is a great August, don’t you?  I just need to stick to the game plan my coach Bridget’s lined up.  Besides, I’ve got a lot of my longer long runs coming up in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon.  Which leads me to:

Do not freak out about the MCM.
Ok, sure.  You and Carly and Bridget and everyone can say to me, “You are not that slow, you will definitely beat the bridge.”  But, I’m pretty sure you’re tired of hearing me freak out.  Carly even promised that she’d smack me around until I got a concussion – which sounds like a great Wednesday, really, but I think I’ll pass on the concussion.  I promise to wait until September to freak out about the MCM.

I will not be a concussed duck.

Run while I’m on vacation in Dallas.
I’m scheduled for a long run the weekend of August 13/14 while I’m at a friend’s wedding in Dallas, Tx.  I’m thinking that it’s unlikely to get a full 10-12 miles in before a wedding, or before the bridesmaids brunch or after a wild night of partying.  I’m a little more hopeful that I can get a quick 3-4 in on the hotel treadmill one of the mornings.  Which means i’m running 10-12 next Thursday.  Anyone have the day off and want to join me? 😀

Cross Train.
I know this seems simple.  Easy.  Expected.  But, I’ve really slacked off on the cross-training this summer.  I guess the once-a-week yoga class or the occasional super-fun trampoline class are considered cross training, but I am going to make use of the trainer package that my gym offers and try to get one or two 30-minute sessions in a week to get in tip-top shape.

So. Much. Fun.

What are your goals for August?

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6 Responses to August Goals. Plus some upcoming races.

  1. laura says:

    why do we have ads now?

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    You are going to beat the bridge! Seriously! The last place finisher came in at 7 hours and 27 minutes last year and he beat the bridge. But if you need a concussion duckie to make this more clear…

    • Suze says:

      Nooo… I said I *didn’t* want a concussion duckie! I’m going to be good – I swear. Also, someone promised me a Penguin Award…

      • laura says:

        How does one get a Penguin Award? Is this an annual thing? Who votes on awardees?

      • Suze says:

        The Penguin award is for the last official finisher of the MCM. MCM gives it out… Carly said she’d give me my very own Penguin award as long as I’m not the last official finisher of the MCM. 🙂

      • laura says:

        Ok I think we need to create our own ridiculous reward. Like for the most spectacular tanking at a race for the year. How about the Duck-billed Platypus Award. Because, really duck-billed platypus, you look ridiculous but still entirely awesome. I nominate Carly’s 2010 9/11 Memorial Run for the 2010 award.

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