Hot. And lots of it. (Friday Top Five-adjacent)

I’m not going to lie – it’s been tough to get motivated to do anything this week when the temperatures in the Washington, DC, area are hitting record-breaking numbers and there are hyperthermia and air quality alerts right and left.

Feels like 116*?!?!?

It’s pretty much one of those weeks where you don’t have to exert yourself at all; you just walk outside and turn into a puddle.

Ok, yeah. Pretty much THIS.

It’s tough to want to run in this muggy heat.  That’s why today’s Friday Top Five are my current motivations or reasons that help me get out there and train for the intimidating MCM.  Oorah.

1. My running buddy

To be fair, she’s always been a great running buddy, but on Wednesday this week, I only went to the track because my best running buddy ever – Carly – was going to be there.  Granted, the temperature when we got there was approximately 92*, with a heat index of perhaps 97*.  Which is not the 116* of today.  And we both still had respectable times on our 500m repeats, amazingly enough.

Also a motivation?  Carly was coming off of a mini-plague given to her by a Ryan Reynolds Clone.  If she could do repeats with a mini-plague, I could do them healthy.

Might have the plague, but that's okay by me! Bring on the germs!

2. I maybe, could be, might be slightly terrified of being last at the MCM

Not that I’m running that slowly, but I am not the fastest bunny in the bunch.  Per the MCM website, “Runners must maintain the 14 minute per mile pace to reach the 14th Street Bridge and successfully “Beat the Bridge” just after mile marker 20.”

Again, it’s unlikely as I’m not a 14-minute miler, but I really REALLY don’t want to get picked up by the straggler bus.  Really.

3. I remind myself how I feel really great after a run

It’s true.  Though, sometimes, all I want to do is collapse after a long run.  But usually, my endorphins are up and my body feels tired but I’m energized – usually right on through to the next day.  It’s a weird feeling to wake up and feel that “good hurt” and be happy about it.  (And I can justify a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin every once and awhile.  Om nom nom.)

4. Race results are on the internet forEVER

Seriously.  Google your name and a race you did at the very beginning of your running career.  Don’t cringe at the large number – celebrate your achievements to date!  Plan to run that race again and leave your past time in the dust!

That's PRIDE, right there.

More training = better times.  So, get off the couch, Suze.

5. Motivational post-it notes

Cheesy, I know.  But, it works!  I have them stuck on my bathroom mirror so I see them every morning before I head out the door.  To be fair, the idea came from Caitlin of Operation Beautiful.  They’re just as fun to read as they are to make.


At the end of the day, we all just need a little motivation… however we get it.  What’s your motivation?

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4 Responses to Hot. And lots of it. (Friday Top Five-adjacent)

  1. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    1) I think I would have died without you at the track on Wednesday! You definitely gave me the energy to keep going on those weird repeats!
    2) You’re going to kill MCM. You really are going to do so much better than you think. You are not going to get picked up by the bus. And everyone agrees with me so please put that thought out of your head.
    3) My favorite part of long runs is eating McDonalds after. In the car. In 3 bites. Between the McDonalds on Route 1 and my apartment (don’t worry, I save the coffee until I’m back in the house)
    4) That PR makes me happy – except also feel guilty because you’d have crushed it if I wasn’t busy having a heart attack all over the course. Or something.

    • Suze says:

      LOL… I love that we’re each other’s motivators for Wednesday’s track workout. and there was no way I was leaving you on the course at GW – and this just means we crush it next year together!!

  2. ohh race results are forever, never looked at it that way EIIKK. Way to go on getting out there, this weather definitely makes it harder but just think how awesome you will be when it cools down

    • Suze says:

      Thanks!! and I know – slightly terriffying to know your times are out there forever. But, you can see how far you’ve come!

      Thanks for the thought that (eventually) it’s going to get cooler!! 🙂

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