You did what? Zorbing?!?

Zorbing (záwrbing) Noun: the recreational act of rolling downhill in an excessively large, plastic hamster ball filled with water and two of your friends.
(See also: insanity)

Half of you think I’m kidding.  The other half of you have either done this already, or seen the pictures on Facebook.    All of you now want to try this – don’t deny it.

I have to start this out with “My trapeze friends made me do it”.  Only my crazy trapeze friends would think this was a good idea.  And, to be fair to them, it TOTALLY WAS!  We visited the Roundtop Mountain Adventures for our Zorbing Adventure, which was basically the snow tubing ramp adjusted for our summer fun.  The giant orbs were poised at the top of the hill awaiting our participation!

It's a long way down in the ball!

The Zorbs are held in place by a gate that swings open to launch you down the hill.

There are two types of Zorbing Balls – the Dry Zorb and the Water Zorb.

The dry Zorb is on the left with the yellow entrance tube - see the harness?

The Dry Zorb – Participant is strapped into a chair within the Zorb as a “single” and is rolled down the hill.  Survey says: “a bit nauseating.”

Juanita, after her roll down the hill, is getting unstrapped from the Dry Zorb.

Piilani is just "hanging around" awaiting her turn down the hill in the Dry Zorb.

The Water Zorb – Participant slithers into a ball filled with two feet of water and two friends and is instructed to ‘body surf’ within the ball as they’re rolled down the hill.  Survey says: “that water is glacial!”

Sam, Sheri and I in the Water Zorb.

Piilani might think the water is cold. Maybe. Kind of.

Me, Piilani and Juanita in the Water Zorb!When you're rolling downhill in the Water Zorb, it's just legs and arms everywhere, but it's so much fun!

Did you do anything crazy this weekend?

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6 Responses to You did what? Zorbing?!?

  1. Kelli says:

    I have been searching for one in te Dallas area ever since you posted these pics. I really really want to do it

    • Suze says:

      I wonder if this is done across the US? Zorbing came from Australia – those crazy Aussie’s make up the weirdest things… 🙂

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    This. is. INSANE.
    I’m glad you had fun. And survived 🙂

  3. Bee says:

    This. is. so. freakin. awesome. And the pics are great!

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