And so it begins…

This week, I have officially begun training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be on October 30 this year – a mere 139 days away. (Not that I’m counting)

I had my first “long” run today – it was supposed to be 7 miles.  It ended up being 7.25 miles.  I guess I can’t complain about a little extra training.  If I end up running an extra 0.25 on MCM race day, thought, I might be a little upset. 🙂  We ran on the Capital Crescent Trail, which runs along Georgetown up the C&O Canal.  It was a beautiful run.

We – the Pacers Distance Training group – started out in Rosslyn, VA, and ran across Key Bridge.  It felt pretty good.  I have some trouble getting into the groove early in the morning.  It took me a mile or so to feel comfortable on my own two feet.  But, as most of the races are early morning, this is great training.

Capital Crescent Trail - 7 miler

(As a quick aside – let me just tell you about the awesomeness that is my new Garmin 405cx*.  The above map is part of the Garmin Connect features.  Once you figure out how to use the watch, the rest is painless and you get great stats like pace per mile, elevation, splits…)

Yesterday, Carly and I hit up the gym for some yoga.  It was great, especially considering it was “just” a class offered at a gym and not at a yoga studio.  It certainly helped me out with the tight calves/hamstrings.  Thank you downward dog!

I also had a trapeze class today at Trapeze School New York – DC.  It was a gathering of all my girls from past Intensive Flying Workshops and it was so much fun!  I miss my trapeze friends now that I’m not flying on a weekly basis.  Summer humidity isn’t too good for my hands.  I tend to sweat a little on my hands and they get torn up doing some of the tricks.  So, since I didn’t accomplish much today, I’ll leave you with a video from April:

* I am not a spokesperson for Garmin and in no way am I endorsed.  I just like my watch.

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