In the Field

Back to the field today! I’m up to 280 data points, which is 30 over my bare minimum and about 70 below my ‘I’m happy’ amount. Any more than 500 total becomes a little bit of overkill.  So I’m right in the sweet spot, even if it rains for the next (long) 11 days.

Today it looked kind of rainy all day – but was nice and cool, thankfully. We went north of the river again (more drive, stop, record), and got to see a few cool locations I’ll share with you.

The first, was this really cool area of bamboos.  Most of the sides of the highway are covered with these 15-25 foot tall bamboo stands, but they’re set back in off the shoulder a bit so I can’t get in there to stand with them.  But on this tiny road, I got to get close enough.

Oh, and apparently I’m quite close to California.

There were a few more stands of really cool forest mixed in with the vast expanses of pasture land and cattle ranches today, too. Not exactly ‘dense Amazon forest’ but it’s nice to see that the jungle is taking back it’s land from ranchers.

There was a particularly interesting-looking old church in a little town (the name escapes me) that I really liked.

We got to a point about 35km down the highway and another 10km in off the highway, down dirt roads, and the sky started to look ominous, so we called it an early day around 12:30pm.  Just a note: I didn’t retouch this photo. Great colors, right?

And on the ferry ride back across the river today, I saw this stuck on the side of the van on the ferry, which made me miss home a little bit more.

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