Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and it really looks like it’s about to start raining. So I’m taking the day off (the first so far). Not that it’s a bad thing that I’m losing a day. I really only need at least 2 and maybe 3 days more in the field.  The weather looks good for Monday (heat index will be 105 though! ack!) but then it is going to rain Tuesday through Friday. I’m going to have lots of time to get some work done on the computer those days and will have at least 4 more days in the field.

The rainy days will be perfect for sleeping in.  I wish I was more of a morning person, but I’m not. My brain is just more active after 5pm and doesn’t quiet down until around midnight – even on days that I wake up at 6am.

Today will be a day full of managing data and reading books while watching Mr. Bean on DVD and listening to music. Oh so thrilling.

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