Keep on Keepin´ On

Saturday was another day of working on the north side of the river. More driving, stopping, and recording GPS and land cover characteristics.  Thrilling, I know.

Remember when I said we had to traverse some less-than-great roads? Well I haven’t seen a crazy swampy one in awhile. But here’s a pic of a “good dirt road”:

Since the presidential election was being held the next day, the police forces were out in fill swing to keep the peace, just in case.  I saw these and giggled to myself. I thought my police/SWAT friends in the US might enjoy it as well.

On the way back I saw this truck, and was a little saddened. Imagine how many years it took for that larger tree to grow, and how quickly and easily it was cut down to make room for something sad like a cattle ranch.

Now on to some things I´ve seen around town:

In case you were wondering, sex sells in every country, but they are far less conservative here (thanks, Brazil?)

And their attempts at foreign languages:

There was no rain today, as the Weather Channel predicted, but then again, their predictions seem to change every other hour.  Its definitely going to rain one of these days. I just hope I’m not caught out in the middle of it.  Thank goodness for the waterproof camera, but I’m worried about the data and my GPS unit. Keep your fingers crossed!

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