Work work work.

Tuesday was a hard working day.  We hit the road around 7:15am, but not without a moment of Richard not knowing how to start/maintain his new motorbike. His stepdad had to come help us out. He’s not the best driver, either, but only once or twice have I felt in danger, the rest of the time I’m good as long as I hold on with two hands, one on the back grill and the middle of the seat strap (while a nice guy, I’m not about to start hugging Richard or really most anyone I’d climb on a motorcycle with).  So it was a long day of driving, taking data points, and driving some more.

Don´t mind me. Just a gringo with GPS and a clipboard.

 We drove away from town taking points, from 7:15am until 12:00 noon. Then we turned around and came straight home.  We might have gone out for another hour or so, but we encountered a herd of cattle that most definitely did not want to get out of the small road. So we called it a day. (I’d gotten 31 data points, when I just need to average 20 per day).

Cows: natures road block

We had lunch at the Cabana Quinta, the nicest hotel in town with delicious food, remarkably fast internet (faster than dial-up and only slightly slower than my internet at home), and, I’ve heard, HOT SHOWERS!  I’m going to check in there for a two different nights while I’m here (for a whopping $30/ night!) just so I can have a hot shower and some fast internet.  I started feeling exhausted (mentally and physically – stilted English and bad Spanish is very mentally wearing) after lunch, so I decided my day was done. Since then, I just came back to my flat and have been dealing with data since I got here.  Dealing with data and watching Mr. Bean.  I love Mr. Bean. He’s so silly.  Also, Mr. Bean and Rio are the only two DVDs that are in English here… so I’ll be watching them over and over and over again until I leave.

Ok. Off to bed for me. Only 17 more looooong work days! Let’s all hope they go by really, really fast (although I doubt they will).

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