70 Hours in Lima

The view from Sandi & Steve's balcony in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Not a bad breakfast view, huh?

Lima is great. I´ll always like Lima. Then again, I always like the people I´m with in Lima, so that helps. I stayed with Sandi and Steve, friends of my parents, and they took care of me.  This time we did the mini tour of Lima: we had a delicious lunch out in La Punta with Sheila (with some very bad Pisco sours, that either had bad Pisco, bad eggwhites, or a creepy bartender drugging us, because we were all very very ill after not really that many piscos), we had a tasty dinner at my mother´s favorite Lima restaurant,  Cafe Danica, which included my very favorite dessert ever – tres leches. Yum.

Sandi and I also had a nice little walk around Miraflores, where I saw some awesome public park equipment.  Public health and anti-obesity professionals rejoice!

Yes, those are weight machines in the middle of a park.

View from El Mirador, in La Punta.

Not all together a crazy raucous time in Lima, but a very enjoyable one thanks to the people I was with!  Off to Puerto Maldonado to start the real work on Friday. Ooof am I anxious about getting it all done!

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