I Might Be a Warrior.

On Sunday, Carly and I attempted the Warrior Dash in Maryland.  No, that’s not right, we did not attempt – we dominated!  (In our own way!)

The Warrior Dash is this crazy, muddy obstacle course.  The MD version was approximately 3.11 miles long, with 8 or 9 obstacles in the woods, creek beds and on a motorbike race course.  The Warrior Dash seems to draw hard-core obstacle course enthusiasts, as well as normal people like Carly and me.  But, everyone dresses up in some sort of costume.  Carly and I chose Elmo and Cookie Monster tank tops that we wouldn’t mind ditching when they got destroyed.  We also got those waterproof disposable cameras so that we could document this in true blogger fashion!

Reppin' Team Sesame Street!

We got there a little early (noon) for our 1:00pm wave.  Warrior Dash has waves every 30 minutes, with approximately 500 people per wave.  They are very well organized – we were able to get our bibs/shirts and check our bag very easily.  Our wave had some great costumes, including a guy wearing his Batman undies OVER his bike shorts.

The first mile was in the woods – it included a Cat’s Cradle (which was tough going through with 100 other people), a wade in a stream/mud combo, more mud, a steep incline down, and then more mud.  The woods were pretty humid and muddy, but Carly and I kept at it.  As Carly says, “our Warrior Dash turned into a Warrior Stroll!” – Totally true.  We were worried about losing shoes in the mud or just completely wiping out.  And we weren’t going for a “good race time”, we were going to “have a good time”.

Starting to get muddy!

The next obstacle was a 4-foot wall climb, then duck under the barbed wire.  And, yes, that was real barbed wire!

This is so much better than the bootie-shot Carly got of me climbing the wall.

Climbing the A-frame cargo net was tough.  I kind of got stuck at the top for a few seconds while I tried to figure out how to get my mud-covered-feet and body over!

At the top, with heavy muddy shoes!

On to the tires, where we had to climb a shallow incline, navigate the tires on the ground and then those hanging in our way.

A little more muddy!

Hi there!

The next two obstacles we didn’t get pictures of because we were carrying on like complete morons.  There was a super slide (tarp + water) down a tall, steep incline.  Think slip-n-slide.  On steroids.  It looked fun, and even though we got bumps and scrapes, was probably the most fun obstacle.   I believe Carly started the super slide a few feet to my left, but somehow, a divot in the slide lined her up right behind me. And of course, at the bottom when we ran out of water, I stopped.  And she didn’t.  It was pretty amazing – the only thing she could do to keep from kicking me is to put her legs on either side of me.  I really hope the official photog got this shot because we were laughing like hyenas at the position we were in.

Then we had to jump two rows of fire – which wasn’t that hot, but kind of scared me a little upon the approach.  There were official photogs there too,so I hope there’s a fire-jump shot of me! I’ve updated to include the fire jump photo!! 🙂

Fire Jump!

The final obstacle was an Army crawl in so much mud under the (real) barbed wire!  Carly looks way too excited for this one.

Almost done!

And of course, the obligatory “after” picture.


Would you want to do Warrior Dash?  I had such a good time!

xoxo, Suzy

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4 Responses to I Might Be a Warrior.

  1. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    There’s no might – you are a warrior! You have the medal and the helmet to prove it!

  2. Joy says:

    There is one here in mass on June 26th AND there is a groupon for it… I’m REALLY thinking about it – it’s just my hatred if mud that’s holding me back but it looks so fun that I kinda wanna just do it

    • SuzyQ says:

      The mud is definitely icky and smells a bit – but there’s giant hoses at the end to get you (kind of) clean. Carly and I had a change of clothes in the car and pretty much trashed everything we wore in the race. There’s also a place to donate your shoes (I sincerely hope they wash them before they donate them). I reccommend going with a friend – it’s better when you can suffer together… 🙂

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