With the Greatest of Ease.

“She floats through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young {girl} on the flying trapeze.”


Or not.

It’s not easy, the flying trapeze.  But, it’s so much fun.  Believe it or not, the above picture is *not* my first class.  It’s a still from a video of my first attempt at a layout.  Which, in the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t attempted since.

My first class was two years ago, May 2009.  My friend Kate introduced me and our friend Betina to Trapeze School New York – DC location.  I’m not going to lie – I was a little afraid.

The rig (the contraption that makes up the platform, rigging and net) is monstrous.  The platform you stand on is 23 feet in the air.  23 feet!  I’m scared of static heights, so yeah, climbing the ladder was tough.  So was standing on the platform, awaiting my turn.

climbing the ladder. (really, really slowly)

Then, the instructor on the board with you has you grab the bar.  And she tells you to jump.  Off the platform.  Which is 23 feet in the air.  Jump.  Willingly.

nervous laughter

Now, any normal person says, “Wait, you want me to do WHAT?”  But, no, not me and my Trapeze friends.  We’re all: “Geronimoooooo!!”

But, it’s totally safe.  You’re “in lines” (meaning you’re strapped into a waist-harness with ropes) and there’s a giant, bouncy net beneath you the whole time.

To be fair, it does get easier each time you get up there, and each new class you take.  And, as you master each new trick, the instructors continue to challenge you with new and exciting tricks.

the split position

TSNY-DC has both an indoor and an outdoor rig.  Obviously, the outdoor rig is only open in the summer.  I’d hate to try to fly in the snow. 😉

working on my swing to gain momentum

The flying trapeze is something that not many people understand.  And that’s okay.  Because I get it, and I love it.

xoxo, Suzy

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