2011 update: 8 weeks, 6 races, 5 PRs.

Yeah, you read that right.  I just set my fifth PR in my sixth race in 2011, and it’s only just the end of February!

This morning I ran my first 10 mile race, the Adams Heart Run, and set a new PR of 1:56:39! Yes, granted, it was my first time racing this distance, but a PR is a PR! Especially when you consider the miserable long hills this course had AND the fact that my ITBS was acting up so badly I had to walk more than a few times when my knee actually gave out on me. Add that to the pain-induced nausea and the mental battles?  Definitely not  my best race. But hey – it’s a PR!

Elevation map for Adams Heart Run 10mi

Elevation Map for today's race. Note: this is not fun with ITBS.

My other big PR in 2011 was the Mercedes Half Marathon, again, my first race of this distance. But I am ridiculously proud of my time of 2:28:29!

Mercedes Finish

Smiling as I cross the finish line at my first half marathon!

I know my near-perfect year will have to end at some point. After all, I’m only human. But for now I’m going to revel in my awesomeness.

My 2011 so far!!

  • Jan 8 – Red Nose Run 5k – 31:21 [PR]
  • Jan 22 – Village 2 Village 10k – 1:07:32 [PR]
  • Jan 29 – Ladun 8k – 53:05 [PR]
  • Feb 5 –  Heart & Sole 5k – 32:20
  • Feb 13 –  Mercedes Half Marathon – 2:28:29 [PR – new distance]
  • Feb  26 – Adams Heart 10 mi – 1:56:39 [PR – new distance]

Short post this morning. It’s totally nap time. Just wanted to share my excitement!

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5 Responses to 2011 update: 8 weeks, 6 races, 5 PRs.

  1. bearrunner says:

    Great job ! Congratulations ! 10 milers aren’t an easy distance to race. They are inbetween giving it all and having some left in the tank yet a bit quicker then half marathon pace. I have never personally liked 10 milers.

    • laura says:

      Thanks! Yeah I think I’m going to stick to the half marathon as my fav race 🙂 10 was too short too be long and too long to be short! The injury didn’t help when it comes to me liking this race distance either…

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    Yay L! Great job! 🙂

  3. Way to go! That’s great you’re having a really good year! I’m a huge fan of 10 mile races, I wish there were more of them!
    Ouch at your knee, your knee just gave up? Mine did that during a race too, but it turned out not to be ITBS, it was patellofemoral paid syndrome, hopefully you’ve had it checked out?

    • laura says:

      Thanks! There really are so few 10milers aren’t there? I wonder why…

      But yeah, The first time my ITBS went crazy, I went to my doc and a rehab therapist. I’m apparently a textbook example of how ITBS strikes. Unfortunately health insurance would only cover 10 rehab visits or I’d go back to my amazing phys therapist! Today’s flare up is enough to shock/scare me into doing a LOT more strengthening of my glutes & hips to avoid this happening again – I want to keep my ability to run for the rest of my life!

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