Rock & Roll, Sexy Women, and Beer.

A short quiz:

  1. Do you like rock?
  2. Do you like blues?
  3. Do you like Texan rock-blues hybrid?
  4. Do you like Texan rock-blues hybrid if it is played by a group from Vermont?
  5. Do you like ridiculously sexy women with amazing blues-singing voices that have fantastic legs and wear tiny skirts? [bonus: since she dances a lot, you often get to see her undies/tiny shorts that are all glittery]
  6. Do you like drinking beer and standing around in a dark room watching rockers be amazing?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to more than 2 of these questions, boy oh boy do I have a show for you. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Their sold out show at Workplay in Birmingham last night was purely amazing. So much so that I’d be more than eager to drive the 4 hours to Mobile, Alabama on March 2 to see them again. (anyone want to join me!?). Check their website and see if they’ll be anywhere near you on their tour. It’s a decision I promise you will not regret.

Seriously. Sexy. Woman.

For a taste, check out their video on youtube for Paris (Ooh La La), or go to your favorite music download location and download “Only Love”, “Oasis” or “Apologies”.  Hell, just get their entire self-titled album. It’s completley worth it.

The only complaint I have has to do with an Alabama-shaped guitar. The Alabama Department of Tourism seems to be whoring this guitar out to anyone that will play it.

The Gibson Alabama Guitar

From the Lifestyle section of the Gibson website:

The state of Alabama are celebrating 2011 as the Year of Alabama Music and have commissioned the Gibson Custom Shop to craft a guitar in the shape of the state.

Bob Harrison, from the state’s marketing agency, explained that the idea is to use the guitar over the next year to bring attention to Alabama’s rich musical tradition.

“We want people to be aware of Alabama’s musical legacy from blues to country, Muscle Shoals, jazz and so on,” he said.

Television spots and print ads will feature musicians playing the Alabama guitar. Also, bands and artists playing in Alabama next year will be offered the opportunity to play the unique guitar at their concerts.

The Alabama guitar, seen here being played by country musician Jamey Johnson on the Jay Leno show, October 25, 2010

“Offered the opportunity?” I can’t seem to find any information as to if and how much these artists are being paid to play this guitar.  It’s a neat idea (if you’re a fan of Alabama, that is), but was this really the best way to spend $8,000 of tax-payer money? Thanks Alabama Department of Tourism.

Then again, this blogger, who admittedly isn’t the biggest fan of this state, just spent an hour researching this guitar, looking at images of people playing it, and reading random lists of Alabama-born musicians… So maybe it is good for getting a little attention after all.

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4 Responses to Rock & Roll, Sexy Women, and Beer.

  1. bearrunner says:

    She reminds me of Lady Ga Ga..

  2. Sarah says:

    Ha! When I went home from Christmas (Vermont) Grace Potter was hot news. She even has her own candy bar at Lake Champlain chocolates. I still haven’t heard any of it out here in Seattle. I need to give it a listen, maybe I can actually be hip and start it out west 😉 Cool blog btw.

    • laura says:

      So THAT’s why she handed out chocolate at the show! She had a big chocolate bar and handed out squares to random people. I thought it was strange – quirky and fun – but strange. (and thanks!)

  3. i.need.that.guitar.
    then, i guess i’ll worry about learning to play it…..

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