Operation “Marine Corps Marathon Registration” Completed Successfully

What a great way to start a Wednesday! Registration opened at 10:45 CST and I managed to be registered before 11:10 CST!  First marathon, here I come!

Although I did have a bit of a heart attack for a minute.  Apparently, something went wrong with the active.com webservers, and they had mis-entered the currency. They were charging people £100 to register instead of $100 to register. My credit card company apparently did not like this, it did not allow the charge, and I got a phone call from them 30 minutes later that someone was trying to purchase things in another country and ‘was this a fraudulent charge?’. Yuck. Normally, I’d just relax and wait the two hours that it takes for the credit card systems to reset after they remove the “someone tried to steal your money” lock-down. Thankfully the active.com people fixed it, and my spectacular sister covered my entry fee for me.  But, I’m registered!

Why did I panic? Because last year the MCM sold out in just a few days. I predict that this year it will sell out much faster. Let me explain to you why this is my prediction:

Last year, MCM sold out in just a few days, and I’ve seen stories warning people about how fast MCM sells out allll over the place.  This is some kind of media-induced panic, which is great for the race directors as people are geared up to register the second they are allowed to, but is really bad for people who cant be waiting at their computer at that very second.

This same kind of media-induced panic has been created for the Boston Marathon in the past few years, so much so that they had to completely re-set qualifying times and entry rules. Boston registration for 2009 was open for more than a month. In 2010 Boston sold out in a day. In 2011 it took just 8 hours and 3 minutes for the entire field to sell out.

Additionally, since I’m seeing a lot of articles about The People’s Marathon being so wonderful for first-timers and regular marathoners alike. The more people that hear about how great the MCM is, and the more they’re told “it sells out fast!”, the more likely it will be selling out at the same pace as Boston in a few years.

So, if you’re in Washington, DC on October 30 (those of you going to the American Public Health Conference this year – this is the Sunday before the conference starts on Monday!) come out and cheer me on in my first ever marathon!

If I can finish under 5:00:00, I’ll have accomplished something almost two years before my deadline! (Running a marathon in under 5 hours before I’m 30). Go me!

So, you ask, what does a girl who just registered for her first marathon do that day? Well, this one apparently over sleeps, skips her run, and goes to a Grace Potter & The Nocturnals concert and drinks a few beers. I think some running organization needs to make me their poster child…

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3 Responses to Operation “Marine Corps Marathon Registration” Completed Successfully

  1. bearrunner says:

    congratulations ! Thats the biggest step, signing up and training… After the training, you are already 90% finished the process..

  2. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    Congrats!!! I’ll be cheering for you guys!

  3. SuzyQ says:

    As the aforementioned “spectacular sister”, I too am registered. 🙂

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