Earphones for women with ponytails who run?

The standard Apple iPod earbuds are not designed for running. They don’t stay in your ears for too long once you start sweating; the volume clicker thing on the right earbud flops around also causing them to fall out of your ears. Or maybe they were designed by men, because a pony tail flipping around hits the wires, causing the earbud to fall out of your ears yet again.

not effective exercise equipment.

I tried the special Nike ones that are supposedly designed specifically for running. They don’t block out too much ambient noise because they don’t block the ear canal fully, and the band goes behind the head, as an effort to make them more comfortable for exercise.  These suckers fall out more than the Apple earbuds. Every time you turn your head, power through with one leg even slightly more than the other, or have your ponytail swing at all, one side falls out of your ear. Also, the buds themselves are too large and end up hurting my standard girl-sized ears. A note to Nike: try to make things that are efficient, sturdy, and effective rather than just things that sound like a good idea on paper and look pretty. Feel free to apply this to your running shoes that fall apart after 100 miles and pretty much all of your other products.

while "designed for exercise", not actually designed for exercise.

So, dear internets, I need some help picking out new earphones. Preferably something you use or have tried while running and love.  I’ll also take recommendations to avoid certain kinds too. My criteria for future earphone purchases are as follows:

  1. Earphones that do not completely block out ambient noise. The Apple earphones allowed me to hear the following: the bicyclists or fellow runners speeding up behind me; the cars with the driver girl texting and not paying attention to the road until she almost hits me, honks, flips me off, and screams a few derogatory terms at me out the window; crazy rapist dudes; other general creepies. This is a requirement and will be a deal breaker for future earphone purchases.

    Probably harmless, but I'd like to know if this is sneaking up behind me as I run...

  2. Earphones that do not fall out due to the sweating and bouncy nature of jogging. Or at least fall out far less frequently than do either version of earphone that I have tried.
  3. Earphones that are sturdy enough to not be thrown around all willy-nilly due to a longish ponytail hitting the wires.
  4. Something with good audio quality.
  5. Not more than $20.

If you happen to know of earphones that meet at least 4 out of the 5 above mentioned criteria, please oh please let me know! You’ll be saving this mostly crazy girl some unnecessary additional craziness.

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2 Responses to Earphones for women with ponytails who run?

  1. bearrunner says:

    I can’t find suitable earphones to run with for the life of me.. Winter actually makes it easier having to wear a toque ! Summer – major issue.. I have gone through more MP3’s and earphone then I care to mention ruined from sweat, moisture and rain !

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