It’s official: I love the half.

Being Valentine’s Day, it’s appropriate that I’ve fallen in love.  I’m wearing my sore muscles like an engaged woman wears her diamond ring – showing it off and happy to tell everyone about how amazing her love is. I am that over-the-moon.  Official finish time: 2:28:29. Apparently the half loves me too.

The race itself went remarkably well.  The weather was a perfect 35-45 degrees with a light, cool wind and bright sun. The crowds were supportive; the event was very well done. I was in a good mood and, except for a few times my IT bands/knees twinged and made me a little scared, my body felt great.

Some weird things happened on the race course though… Around mile 8, I was handed an empty cup at the water station, which temporarily pissed me off.  Then I realized that the girl who handed it to me was all of 16 years old and probably didn’t realize it was empty – she was in “hand the thirsty runner a cup and fast” mode.  Fortunately each water stop had at least 30 people handing out water, so it was really easy to grab a full cup just seconds later without having to stop running.

Should include water.

I’ve been an AccelGel girl since I started running, since it has protein and GU doesn’t.  But for this race GU was an official sponsor and there were four water stops that had GU, so I didn’t bother carrying my AccelGel with me. My conclusions about GU: Vanilla (caffeinated) is the perfect flavor when I’m dehydrated and (psychosomatically?) kept me well fueled during the the race.  Tri-berry (non-caffeinated) makes me nauseated for a good half mile.  What flavors of GU do I need to try now? I’m taking suggestions below in the comments section!

On Left: Awesomeness. On Right: Nausea.

One of my fav things about the half is that you get to meet some really cool people.  I met a group of really cool gals while we we’re all buzzing with energy in the starting corral and I crossed the finish line with my new friend, Jacob, whom I leap-frogged with for the last 4 or so miles. I love runners. We’re all so friendly and positive. All sports should have this awesome of people.

Hood Ornament

Bling awarded to those who are completely awesome.

Speaking of awesome people I ran with, the course was a double loop – one loop for the half marathon, two loops for the full marathon.  So I got to run next to the marathon winners!! Okay, okay it was for like a quarter of a second, but still!  The leaders passed me (on their second loop) at around 2:07:00 when I was at mile 11 or so.  Realization: those suckers ran a full marathon faster than I ran a half.  Depending on how my second half marathon goes, I may make a goal for myself to run a half marathon in under 2:00:00 before I’m 30. I’ve got one year, six months, and one week to do it.

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One Response to It’s official: I love the half.

  1. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    I’m pretty jealous of that medal! Congrats on the half!
    I have a huge box full of smaller boxes of GU at home. I’ll give you flavor reviews soon 🙂

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