Old goal, meet new goal.

We’ve all been told it’s a good thing to be flexible.

Fortunately, I was given the genetics to be approximately 73.5% flexible. (Mentally, that is. Physically I’m working on it.) I had some goals for races in February, including my first-ever half marathon (Feb 13) and first-ever 10 miler (Feb 26) and probably have set slightly too high of goals for slightly too many races. But I was also given the genetics to be approximately 93.2% stubborn for things like road races. So I figured I could get reasonably close to my goals.

Unfortunately, I was recently smacked in the face with a head cold. It’s been 2 weeks of some sort of laryngitis or pharyngitis so all training has been nixed in favor of sleep and decongestants. So what do normal people do when they’re sick and trying to get well in time for a big race the following weekend? Run a 5k, of course. The event this past Saturday was small, lovely and very well organized… except for the miserable weather.  So because of both the colds (illness cold and weather cold), I kicked my magical powers of flexibility into gear. Old goal, meet new goal:

Event: Heart & Sole 5k – Saturday, February 5
Old Goal:
PR, running sub-10-minute miles with a final time under 31:00.
Circumstance: Race was after a week of having a thoroughly non-wonderful head cold.  (Just a note: don’t take Sudafed before a run. Sudafed = dizziness.) And the weather? 30°F, 8-12mph winds, overcast, crazy snow in your face.
New Goal: Treat run as training run; take it easy and take breaks whenever needed.
Outcome: Took numerous cough/sneeze/got dizzy walking breaks; finished in 32:20… then I stood in the cold, damp, wind for about an hour, waiting for the awards ceremony and door prize drawings, which was both a bad idea (remember the cold?) and a good idea (I won a door prize: amonth of free bootcamp).

After this weekend in which I did not get any better but managed to completely lose my voice instead, I finally made it into the doctor this afternoon. Can I take a quick aside to say how much I love doctors who listen to their patients? My doctor today, one of the doctors at the student health center, took into heavy consideration my desire to run the half marathon on Sunday. While she couldn’t identify what my mostly nondescript symptoms were caused by, she put me on a broad spectrum antibiotic and told me that if I’m not feeling markedly better by Thursday morning, I should come back in and we’ll try something else to get me to the race. She is magnificent.

So for the Mercedes Half-Marathon, Old goal, meet new goal:

Event: Mercedes Half-Marathon – February 13th
Old Goal: First ever half marathon! Finish in under 2:30:00, since all my training programs said my estimated finishing time based upon recent race times would be 2:28:31.
Circumstance: Again with the head cold.  But now that I’m on antibiotics and the weather should be reasonable (hopefully) and adrenaline for my first half-marathon and the massiveness of the event should help out a bit. Either that or the wonderful doc-who-actually-listens will come up with some magical medicine for me on Thursday. That’s how medicine works, right?
New Goal: Not pass out on race course.
Outcome: fingers crossed.

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2 Responses to Old goal, meet new goal.

  1. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says:

    Good job on the 5K! That’s still a great job even though you were sick!
    Good luck with the half. Be careful running around on a tummy full of antibiotics!

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