Falling off the wagon.

So I think I’m falling off the running wagon.  I have my first half-marathon on February 13 and I have been horrible at exercise and nutrition for the past week or so.  I share the following summary of my weekend with you to shame myself into not being such a dingbat.

Saturday I ran the Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer 8k in Hoover, Alabama.  The race had a sort of homecoming pep rally theme, with some Auburn football player I didn’t care to listen to and literally 9 different individuals (including 2 different ministers) saying prayers.   It was pretty funny to hear Brenda Ladun (a local ABC anchor) sound completely ridiculous trying to be overly PC.  Either that or she’s an idiot, which I doubt.  To preface her prayer for the people fighting cancer and those we’ve lost to cancer she said something along the lines of “Let’s also pray for those who have beaten their battle against cancer but are now with Jesus our lord.  They didn’t lose their battle against cancer, they won it.  Let’s pray for them.”

Anyway, I killed my previous 8k PR time of 56:27 with a remarkable 53:05.  That was awesome.  I was super psyched about that, as well as a little cocky.  I went to brunch with my friends Dave, Rich and Graham and decided I’d earned the right to have a bloody mary with my lunch of a ginormous plate of pasta.  After lunch, I napped.  Obviously.

Saturday night was a friend’s birthday party.  I arrived at 9:45pm and told myself I was going to “just have one or two beers.”  Cut to 3am, when I’ve had 2 gin and tonics, 2 beers, and a glass of champagne and we’re all on the way to SPR to get some late-night sushi and veggie tempura.

mmm sugary alcohol.

Not on a half-marathon training plan...

Due to my drinking more than 2 drinks and consuming mass quantities of sodium-laden soy-sauce, I decided I got to sleep in on Sunday morning before wiffleball.  Got ice cream on my way to wiffle.  Played wiffleball and decided I was too sore/tired to do my evening 3-mile easy run so I went to bed early.

Today, I woke up late (thanks rainy day) and at work have had three Krispy Kreme donuts (thanks Joe for bringing that in…).

Did I mention I have to run a HALF-MARATHON in 13 days!?  Great goodness.   I have to get some miles under my legs tonight.  Seriously.  Even if it’s just an easy 3. Right?

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