I need a ruling…

I’ve run two races in 2011, and it’s already glaringly obvious that I really need a Garmin Running Watch.  Neither of these races (or many of the other races, for that matter) have seemed to be able to record my finish times with any much accuracy.  I have presented the summary of each race and my assumed ruling for each below.  Weigh in if you think I’m off base.

Case Study #1

The Red Nose Run on January 8.  The 10 mile run, which started at 7am, was apparently well marked.  I say ‘apparently’ because I ran the 5k. Which was definitely not well marked. About a quarter mile into the race, the entire field ran about .3mi off course!  Since it was early in the race, we were all crammed together and having the front-runners turn around and

return to the official course route meant that the faster runners (including me) were stuck behind the walkers.  These walkers and slow joggers had oh-so-wonderfully placed themselves at the back of the field so as not to be in the way, but it didn’t work out that way.

The race directors developed a way of dealing with this absolute failure mishap by measuring the distance that the leaders ran (3.5mi) and calculating the pace for that distance.  So my official result is that I finished the race in 34:37 with a pace of 9:44min/mi. According to these calculations I would have run a 5k in30:10, beating my previous PR of 32:27 by a longshot.

I have a different way of measuring my time, because I definately didn’t run the full distance that the front-runners did, but I definately ran significantly more than the 5k distance. So, I did some math:  mile 2 (9:41) + mile 3 (10:23) + mile “1” (avg of mile 2 and 3, 10:02) + last 0.1 (1:05) + error room (0:10) = my current assumed standing PR of 31:21. Thoughts?

Case Study #2

The Village 2 Village 10k this morning was thankfully far betterorganized.  Actually, it was a supremely well done race, except for one tiny detail (applicable to those, like me, who love to set PRs).

The race was chip-timed – but they used a clock starting time for everyone and chip-timed finish. So despite the fact I didn’t cross the start line until a minute after the gun, my finish time includes that minute.

Thank goodness I’ve taken to wearing a cheap chrono watch for my races. I had my finish clocked at 1:07:23. I crossed the finish line at 1:08:30ish. Now thats not that much of a difference in finish times, but seeing as my previous PR was1:07:45, you can see my frustration!

I think I’ve made the decision to take my 1:08:30 as my time.  If you disagree, weigh in below. But the 1:07:23 is a closer approximation of how fast I ran the 6.22mi, right?

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