Kenya Update #8 – Nairobi (again)

Sunday – July 11 – Nakuru to Nairobi

Thankfully we got to sleep in this day! Stephanie’s flight was at 10:30pm out of Nairobi (just 2 hours away) so we could take our time. She was hungover, but we slept in until around 10am and both felt great. We inhaled some chicken stew and potatoes at the hotel and went to grab the bus to Nairobi. Just a tip: if you’re ever in Kenya, check out the Mololine bus system. They’re 10-passenger busses, with a set price for the distance (KSh300 for Nakuru to Nairobi) and you get your own seat. Also, we had a check through the police station to get a security clearance. So we felt pretty safe. A short 2.5 hours drive (only 30 minutes more than promised!) we arrived in Nairobi.

The second we got off the bus, we were mobbed by guys wanting to get us in their taxi. It was creepy. They kept putting their sweaty, smelly hands on my back and telling me that it was going to cost KSh1500 to get out to the Kolping Guest House and I was completely pissed off at them all. Having spent a few days driving all over Nairobi before we headed out to Port Victoria, I knew the exact directions to the guest house and knew that it was just about 10km away, which should cost KSh500, not KSh1500. So, being tired, I kind of well… flew off at them. I got a little b*tchy and said things like “Just because I’m a white girl, it doesn’t mean I’m rich” and “God you’re such a con-artist. You make your countrymen look like horrible scam artists” and “You must think I’m f***ing stupid”… Basically I berated them to charge KSh500 to take us there. Sometimes being angry and knowing that KSh500 is actually overpriced by about KSh200 works for you.

Steph and I got to Kolping, I got a room, we left our bags and headed out to the Nakumatt to buy some snacks for her plane ride back. While there, we found a restaurant that had hamburgers and actual Heinz ketchup! And salads! So we ate the largest meal I think I’ve had here – all Western food – surrounded by a bunch of ex-pats and general Western types. Then it was time for Steph to head to the airpot. I was sad to see my travel buddy go!

I watched the final World Cup match with the night watchman for the guest house, who kept asking me if every country was either “in America” or “in USA”. I’m not sure if it was a language/translation thing, but he thought Uruguay, Spain, Netherlands, and Germany were all “in America”. Ok, so those are smaller countries and he might have thought “America/USA” was interchangeable for South or North America. But when he asked me if China was in the USA, I was just shocked. Oh well. He was a nice guy.

Monday – July 12 – Nairobi

Got out of bed this morning at 10am. God that felt good. Ate the snacks from Nakumatt for late breakfast, and walked back to the Nakumatt. Today is just going to be just a kind of lazy day.

I think I’ll wander around Nakumatt and maybe do a little shopping today. I plan on going back to the restaurant with the Western food and have a macchiato and read a book. I may also peruse the book store while I’m here.

Rennatus gets in to Nairobi some time tonight, but I’m not sure if I’ll meet the boys for a beer tonight. I don’t know exactly when I’m going to head out for Mombasa, as I need some help from Rennatus to schedule the trip. I’ll probably be here in Nairobi for one more day and will head to Mombasa on Wednesday afternoon. I’m seriously ready to come home now, but I’d like to see the coast before I go!

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One Response to Kenya Update #8 – Nairobi (again)

  1. bearrunner says:

    I bet you enjoyed that Western food… Any Mcdonalds? ha ha


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