Kenya Update #4 – About to leave Kisumu

I seem to find more time to say hello in Kisumu than I did in Nairobi…

So, I got sick last night with some sort of staph infection. I spent about an hour or so throwing up what amounted to almost solid fish. My stomach still hurts just thinking about it. That will teach me to eat street samosas… (yes, I know – stupid thing to do… but the 3 of us did it and only 2 got sick. Although Rennatus probably had immunity, so it was just Casey and me in the danger zone). I feel much better now, but my stomach is still week.  I’m hoping I don’t get any other issues as we have a 3 hour mutatu ride in about an hour. Needless to say I’m done with simosas and fish for the rest of this trip… and probably for a few months after that. I’m hoping there will be other food where we’re going, ro I’m going to be living off of bags of potato chips for the next week.

Our tuk-tuk driver, wearing an Auburn shirt. He had no idea why Casey (a UAB alum) & I were so entertained by his shirt.

After running around yesterday morning and finishing up errands, including eating those damn simosas, we were able to have a beer at our hostel and Casey, Rennatus and I worked out our budget. Yes. We finally had our budget meeting, about 2 days after we said we would. I’m starting to get a handle on Kenya time.

Best hotel name ever. Seen in Kisumu.

Three of Casey’s travel friends got to town and join us, after spending twenty-four hours travelling from Rwanda. They had just traveled through Rwanda, Uganda and even trekked to find mountain gorillas in Congo. I could handle gorilla trekking. They were escorted by super eco-conscious park rangers who had AKs at the ready to shoot poachers if they came near them. And they found the gorillas and the gorillas came right up to them, as in just a foot or two away, and the little ones tried to signal that they wanted to play! How cool is that?!

Anyway, so after the gals got settled in, we all went off to Lake Victoria to have some fish for dinner (*shudder*). THe fish dinner was tasty for everyone but me. I’m unsure if it was disgusting because I didn’t like the fish (very possible), or if it was my sickness starting to come on from eating those street samosas. Either way, I don’t want to have fish again for a long time.

The restaurant on Lake Victoria

Quintessential Port Victoria fish - delicious for everyone except me.

At the lake, there was a little area where people drove their cars into the shallows of the lake, and people made money by washing cars. I’ve been told that all of the guys washing the cars have schistosomiasis. Poor guys. A single pill would cure that and they wouldn’t have blood in their urine or have complete liver failure. I’m seriously fortunate that nausea/vomiting is about the most horrible thing that will happen to me health-wise.

The "Schisto Boys" cleaning cars in Lake Victoria.

A "Schisto Boy" cleaning a bike in Lake Victoria.

It was then on to this upscale (for Kisumu) hotel where they have a big screen television and plenty of beer for us to watch the second half of the Brasil-Netherlands World Cup match and the entirety of the Uruguay-Ghana game. Granted, I’d have much rather been at Dave’s pub in Birmingham just for the games, but watching the guys celebrate the Ghana goal was cool. They also celebrated (including “dancing”, by which I mean they slowly shook their arses) for near misses… which was very odd to me.

Me on the shore of Lake Victoria, wearing my Ghana jersey.

I was desperately trying to hide the fact that I was rooting for Uruguay. Mostly because I’m mad about the US loss and also I love the Uruguayan uniforms. Diego Forlan helps too 🙂 I think I just like Latin America better than Africa. Doubly so now that I’ve spent this much time getting scammed in Kenya. I can’t wait for my trip back to Peru for Christmas and then again next summer for my dissertation research!

I started feeling nauseated during the first half of the Ghana match, so I fell way behind in drinking my shots and beers. I’d mostly sobered up by the time Dani, Serena, Eileen (the three new gals) and Casey were wasted drunk. They were hilarious, so I got a little distracted from the game. Eileen decided this guy on the other side of the room was cute, so she sent him a beer. Guy didn’t even come over to say thanks! He looked European, so he should have had the social understanding to at least wave a ‘thank you’!

Shots at the Uruguay-Ghana Match watch party. Pay attention to facial expressions.

Keep in mind, these are not amateur drinkers. They are not the type to grimace after shots of even the lowest shelf tequilas.

Yet they all make these faces when drinking just a shot of cheap Kenyan Bond 007 whiskey. That's how bad it is.

After the match, the 4 drunks went out and I went home. I spent about an hour throwing up, and then the four came home around 1:30am – ridiculously early for them. Turns out Casey had started to feel nauseated at the club, so they all came home too.

The entire crew slept in this morning. I woke up around 8 but got out of bed around 10:30am. It felt great to sleep in. So now we’re back at the internet cafe, waiting for our shuttle to Port Victoria so we can set up. We’re staying in local friends of Rennatus’s houses tonight. Please let it have clean linens, warm water, and a real toilet!

So Monday is the camp, which ends Thursday, and the I think EIleen and I are going to Masai Mara and then to meet the others in Mombasa. It’s the peak part of the season right now for the Mara, as the wildebeast are migrating through. It will be some kind of National Geographic moment. I’m hoping our local friend is getting us a good deal so I can go see it! I really don’t have that much money to spend…

Ok time to go meet the mutatu to head to Port Victoria. I promise I’ll be safe and I’ll try to send out an update by this time next week!

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