Kenya Update #3 – Kisumu

So I found another 20 minutes to update you all before disappearing into middle-of-nowhere Kenya.

I’m getting seriously tired of being scammed and conned here. I can understand paying double for a taxi or a tuk-tuk – that’s just the price of being a “rich” American tourist. I cannot comprehend a lawyer who steals a $5,000 donation that he said spent on bednets, after having told us he just flew back from South Africa to see the England-Germany World Cup match.

Rennatus is seriously pissed about this. His mother and sister died of malaria in the exact town we are going to, and he couldn’t do anything for them but watch them die. So he was, understandably incredibly invested in getting these bed nets.  This lawyer man is seriously the lowest of all human beings. He sat there and lied to our face for 2 hours about some drama about a school folding and all the trustees resigning so there was no one to sign the documents so we could get the money out of the school account, blah, blah, blah.

He said something about trying to get it done this morning, so we met him at the hotel where he was staying, and sat at a different table, since he was having a meeting with another woman. Rennatus stopped by the lawyer’s table just to say hello and say that we were there. We look up 20 minutes later to see the lawyer literally running out of the hotel restaurant without saying hello. Casey ran after him and caught him climbing into a cab, saying he was going down the street to the school and would be back in 20 minutes. We got a text a half hour later saying he was catching a flight to Nairobi. Like I said… the lowest of the low. And Rennatus and Casey are acting like this is pretty typical for a Kenyan.

I went to sleep last night feeling entirely emotionally abused by this country. I can’t wait to get back to the Ameircas.

In other news, I’m doing well. I haven’t been devoured by mosquitoes (yet) and haven’t gotten traveler’s diarrhea (yet). Then again, I just had 2 samosas from a street vendor for breakfast (at 2pm after having not eaten yet at all today)… so we’ll see. That might not have been the greatest idea, but running around for 7 hours without having eaten at all yet today wasn’t working for me.

Gotta run again. I just thought I’d check in and give you all an update. I’m off to Port Victoria (the site of the medical camp) tomorrow morning, so you guys probably won’t hear from me until Saturday, at the earliest.

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