Kenya Update #2 – Kisumu

We made it to Kisumu and have been busy busy busy!

Roadside souvenir stop on the drive from Nairobi to Kisumu.

I’m pretty sure my intent to write constant updates on my trip is going to fail miserably after one update. We’re doing tons of meetings at various NGOs, at various public health places, with politicians and community service groups and with the media, etc. We’re practically always running seriously late. For instance, we were 2 hours late to our meeting the CDC this morning… yay.

Right now, the internet is crazy slow and I’m tired of it and Casey, Rennatus and I want a beer.  I’ve mostly been hanging out with those two, doing lots of business. We have a budget meeting at 5:30pm and its 4:30pm right now and the 3 of us desperately need a beer before we’re to deal with the more uptight persons of the group.

As far as progress towards our clinic? Well, we’re bleeding funds and we’re seriously unprepared for the masses of people we’re going to start seeing on Monday. Yesterday was travel to Kisumu, today we had a ton of meetings, tomorrow is a long day back at the CDC for cultural/social seminars and more business.  We head to Port Victoria on Saturday and the clinic starts on Monday. We’re done with the clinic on Thursday and then I have no idea what I’m doing for the next week. I might go white-water rafting in Uganda or hanging out on the beach in Mombasa or I could go to Masai Mara by myself. Who knows.

Seen on the drive from Nairobi to Kisumu

Gotta run – desperately need a beer before our budget meeting. I’ll post again very soon!

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